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  • Contents of delivery!!! Replaceable cartridge with UV LAMP + Extra coarse pre-filter n 2 rubber sealing rings+Hose release clip.Instructions for use
  • Has a patented carbon-block filter to reduce more than 140 potential health-effect contaminants. Will leave beneficial minerals, like calcium and magnesium, in your water
  • Has a UV bulb that emits UV light. the UV bulb is completely sealed in a quartz sleeve within the carbon block and is not directly in contact with the water. It uses a wireless (inductive coupled) connection to power the lamp, much like the recharging unit for an electric toothbrush. An added feature users will appreciate: The light comes on only when water is flowing through the unit, so the treated water is not warmed by the light.
  • The pre-filter is the first stage of water purification. It detains the large weighed particles up to 1 microns in size, thereby prolonging the service life of the carbon filter. If the pre-filter is dirty, we recommend replacing it. Captures particles as small as 1 micron. Serves as a protective layer for extruded activated carbon block. It has a corrugated surface, which increases its area by 4 times.
  • The filter’s “smart-chip” monitors system performance and sends messages about function or replacement timing, which appear on the eSpring unit's lighted display. If you registered your eSpring Water Purifier when you purchased it, you will be contacted automatically with a reminder to replace your cartridge.

ESPRING UV Light Water Replacement Cartridge 100186

SKU: 100186
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